Tipasheena Ragdolls

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Our Boys

Gold DGC Kelanrowe Maximilian. D.O.B 15th March 2015

Max is his name around the house. He is a Blue Bi Colour. 

We have shown him since he was 14 weeks old, and he has done very well on the show bench.

some of his achievements are:

winning best kitten out of 61 kittens and many Best longhair kitten. As an adult he has also won best longhair cat.

We are so incredibly proud of his boy .

He has lines from Sweden, Canada and the UK

Sire: S*Gunbertus Elamiz Erosoti. (IMP Sweden)

Dam:  Kelanrowe Maple Syrup

Diamondoll Jake Frost D.O.B. 28th February  2013

Jaspa is 100% traditional Ragdoll. We have some stunning 100% traditional girls for him to breed with.

He is a stunning boy with some really old lines behind him.

He is a Seal mitted boy.

His lines are from UK, NZ and USA.

Sire : Winterdew Ace OF Spades.

Dam: Raglace Candee Rose.

ACF Silver AoE Ruby DG Champion Wroxton Phantom. 

D.O.B 6th September 2017. He is a Seal Bi Colour.

Rocky is his name around the house.

He is the gentle giant .

In 2018 is was KITTEN of the year, also at the Australian Nationals at 10 months old he was awarded BEST LONGHAIR ENTIRE.

In 2019 is was BEST ENTIRE in 2 out of 3 federations and Reserve Entire in the other one. He's was also awarded BEST RAGDOLL in all 3 federations.

He is a credit to our breeding program and is a dream to own.

Both his parents were imported onto Australia. 

Sire: Elonadolls Don Juan (IMP Austria)

Dam : Sliver DGC Adoradolls Let There Be Love (IMP New Zealand)

GOLD DGC Nzuri Mr Smarty Pants D.O.B 17th September 2017.
Around the house we call him Jeffery. He is a Blue Bi Colour.
Jeffery is 100% Traditional, with some of the oldest lines.
He had a temperament to die for. He also has great boning and all in all a lovely boy.
He has won best in shows and supreme cat / kitten at shows.
He will be a great asset to our Traditional breeding program.
He has lines from USA, UK and NZ

Sire: Tanjirra Valantno
Dam : Nzuri Anastasia.

Champion Tipasheena Freeman. 30th August 2020

Here is Freeman and what a beautiful boy he is.

He is a home grown boy and is doing so well on the show bench.

On many occasions he has won BEST IN SHOW over his daddy. 

In 2021 he is winning BEST OF BREED.

We cannot wait to see his babies sometime next year.

Sire: ACF Silver AoE Ruby DG Champion Wroxton Phantom. 

Dam: ACF AoE Gold DGC Kelanrowe Sweet Charity. (Now desexed and has a wonderful home)

Tipasheena Try To Be Good.

We call him Trouble at home. 

Rocky is hie grandfather and Freeman is his dad.

He has been shown since he was 12 weeks old. Just like most of our babies.

Trouble has won many BEST IN SHOW and Supremes just like is daddy and grandfather.

This year at 9 Months old he won BEST CAT at the 2022 EKKA

Sire: Champion Tipasheena Freeman

Dam: Tipasheena Kysha.

Tipasheena Here Comes Trouble

We all him Tubby at home.

He also has won many BEST in SHOWS and Supremes this year.

He loves the show bench just like all of the cats we show.

He is another homegrown Tipasheena baby.

Sire: Tipasheena Freeman

Dam: Softnsweet Kiss Me Quick.