Tipasheena Ragdolls

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Original-Ragdolls Vs Other Ragdolls

Original-Ragdolls vs. Other Ragdolls

(no matter whether Point or Solid)

"Translated by Karin Heger, Edited by Susan Wenck"

Realizing that some breeders of the new-colored Ragdolls are not aware of the differences between an
Original Ragdoll and a “Ragdoll”, I would like to take the opportunity to explain the distinctions
between the Original Ragdoll and other felines currently being classified or sold as “Ragdolls”.

First and foremost, the primary difference is that Original-Ragdolls are a documented pure

Denny Dayton started the Dayton Genetic Card (aka database) in which he listed all Ragdolls starting
from the foundation stock. Individuals that wanted to breed Original Ragdolls were required to
purchase animals from that particular breed and had register the offspring on the Dayton genetic card.
That is why only animals registered with the Denny Dayton database can be considered true Original

To be classified as Original Ragdolls, both parents must be pure-bred Original Ragdolls. This is the
only way to keep the breed pure.

Unfortunately, there were breeders who did not adhere to the rules either because they simply did not
know about them, or because they were trying to achieve a new appearance of the Ragdoll. In some
breeding programs, cats from completely different breeds were used for crossbreeding. The resulting
Ragdolls carried, in addition to the basic genuine Ragdoll features, new colors and patterns. Breeders of
these Ragdolls were accepted into various cat associations, and as a result, these animals were and are
still registered as Ragdolls. However, for these “Ragdolls”, there is no traceability back to the
Original-Ragdoll foundation stock because these animals were not registered with the Dayton
database; therefore, they cannot be considered true Original Ragdolls. The lack of historical
background information has been a reason why new-color Ragdolls are in the majority today.

The Dayton database is unique in the cat breeder's world. Not unlike the pure bred Arabian horse, only
pure-bred horses are allowed to be added into the bloodline registration, which has been in existence
since around 650 AD. Every pure-bred Arabian horse can be traced back to the five mares of
Mohamed. True breeders of Arabian horses would never cross a Shire into the Arabian breed in order to
refresh the breed with fresh blood and/or to achieve more mass or size.

Our mission in creating the Association of The Original-Ragdoll is to provide information and to
educate as many people as possible. It would be a shame to have to discontinue to document the
bloodline of the Original-Ragdoll, because some breeders don't know how important the Dayton
Genetic Card is.

In the 1980s there was a movement in the German-speaking regions to spread the knowledge about the
importance of the Denny Dayton database, and that led to the creation of the IG-Ragdoll association,
founded by breeders and pet owners of the Original-Ragdoll. Nevertheless, today a lot of breeders don't
remember anymore what it means to breed Original-Ragdolls, and what the real purpose is.

If an Original-Ragdoll breeder studies the bloodlines, has access to the Denny Dayton database, or
has the means to verify the ancestry, and can therefore say with good conscious that all ancestors of
both parent cats are listed in the database, then, and only then can his Ragdoll be declared an Original-Ragdoll.

In 2004 the European Dachverband FIFé accepted some of the new colors in order for these 'nonoriginals'
to be recognized as Ragdolls. The FIFé may accept certain color and pattern variances, even
the Siam-Point-Gen with green and yellow eye color, with pointed or with curly fur. Yet these animals
with original appearance and/or new colors and patterns can never be considered as Original-
Ragdolls because their ancestry cannot be completely traced in the Denny Dayton database

Keep in mind that the Original-Ragdoll was not created by us or by the VdOR. It is a breed created by
Ann Baker, and researched and documented by Denny Dayton. All we do is protect, foster and cherish
Original Ragdolls!

We hope that this knowledge and information will be used to guide and motivate current and future
breeders of the Original-Ragdoll cat.