Tipasheena Ragdolls

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Colours and Patterns


The Ragdoll comes in four colours and three patterns. Ragdolls are pointed cats,

meaning they have colour on their Ears, Faces, Legs and Tails, with a much lighter,

colour on their body.

TRADITIONAL COLOURS  are Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac


COLOURPOINT - meaning the Face, Ears, Feet and Tail are Seal, Blue, Lilac or

Chocolate etc. and the body is a lighter colour.

(Colour being on all points of the Ragdoll)

MITTED- has the colour on the Face, Ears, Legs and Tail, but on the front feet they

have little white mitts. 

BI-COLOUR - also has colour on the Face, Ears, and Tail, but they have a white

inverted "V" on the Face and a cute little pink nose.